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Aware Laundry Products

Aware Product Pics © Lucy Band

Aware laundry products are the first Palm Oil Free laundry products available in major supermarkets.

Aware uses coconut oil as an alternative as it doesn't represent the same threat to rainforest habitats. The majority of coconut plantations were established several decades ago to supply the food industry but as people moved away from saturated fats the market for it reduced significantly.

By using coconut oil derived ingredients it addresses the immediate and urgent issue of forest destruction.

Aware laundry products are proudly endorsed by Planet Ark. To find out more about Aware and their decision to go Palm Oil Free visit their

Some Words From Aware

"Aware Environmental Ltd has been working together with its environmental partner 'Planet Ark', to lift the public's awareness to the destructive nature of Palm Oil derived ingredients that are used in food, cosmetics and cleaning products. Aware laundry powders & liquids and Orange Power cleaners are the first Palm Oil Free formulas offered in Australia via major supermarkets. With Planet Ark's endorsement we are now the recognised leader in the environmental sector of household consumable cleaners." Andrew Chaney, Managing Director, Aware Environmental.